Jamilla Kato



Photo Credit: Jen Murillo

Photo Credit: Jen Murillo

Behind the Lenses...

  Jamilla Kato was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. She recently received her BFA at Columbus College of Art & Design (OH). Proud of her Michigan roots she knew at the age of twelve that she wanted to be a creative. With a background of photography in her bloodline she was bound to receive the passion her father and grandfather shared.

Jamilla’s work deals with the use of black figures that challenge past notions of identity concerning the black body that address struggle and cultural identity. She believes that visual images influence the psychological frame work upon which identity is established; particularly the images that someone sees him or herself or those that are representative of their community. In her creative process she reexamined the artist/model/viewer relationship by interacting with her models not as objects but as subjects with a voice.

Publications & Showings

2010 Sole Collectors Magazine Issue 38-Derick Rose Cover

2013 "Thrall" Acock Gallery. Columbus College Art & Design

2014 "Forceful Perception" Elijah Pierce Gallery. Kings Art Complex

2015 "Heart of it all Art Exhibition" Pop Up Art Gallery

2015 "Silhouettes: A Love Supreme" Elijah Pierce Gallery. Kings Art Complex

2015 "Cypher" Elijah Pierce Gallery. Kings Art Complex

2016 “Colors & Coloreds” Second Sight House Gallery

2017 “W E A R Y: Solo Senior Thesis Show” Corrugated Gallery & Studios